Travis,Travis The Animator,Or TravisTheWhiteNinjaWarrior is Homepootis member who joined On ???,???,2016 He was one of those cringy goanimate users, but now he's more of a non cringe worthy person
EARLY 2017

In Febuary, there was a drama between PikaPikaChat and Underpootis(Which is now Homepootis), Travis was being a Sierra white knight defending Sierra from Migz, Travis said that if Migz does something to Sierra he will leave Underpootis(I'm gonna call this underpootis because Homepootis was still named Underpootis in February), This made Galex saying "Travis stop sucking on her vagina", This made a break fall for Galex and Travis's friendship because they've been good friends since early 2016 ever since kai got them to meet up. And Lemon came up and just joking around, Travis got so pissed that he left Underpootis. After the down fall of PikaPikaChat's first group, Sierra made a another PikaPikaChat group and Travis came in, not until then that Darkkirby came to PikaPikaChat and Tofu did too, so since those two joined, Travis left. And came back to Underpootis since he kind of regretted being there.

In May, Travis made a livestream saying that he was going to leave YouTube because a person named Reece, .R.K. Studios made a porn picture out of Madison which was Travis's girlfriend. And Madison prefer Reece better than Travis, Travis started to cry in the livestream because of this, And don't forget Tofu Creeper aka Rubik7 Studios asked Travis if he was gonna kill himself and that made everyone pisseed in the stream chat that made Travis ban tofu from the stream chat, Ano Travis explained every timeline he had, and left for good. And then 2 more days he came back.


Travis doesn't really join Homepootis calls all the time, and sometimes he could get really pissed. But he's a fine Homepootis member, Sometimes he could possibly feel like shit a few times, but he could get over them from time to time, He still does Goanimate videos.